About JMI

Allen Johansen established Johansen Mechanical, Inc in 1983 primarily as a sheet metal and HVAC construction company. The foundation of our success is long-term social connections within our customer base, communities, and employees.

After 35 years, Johansen Mechanical, Inc. has transitioned to a second-generation family owned and operated business that maintains the flatten structure set forth by Allen Johansen. Our company's structure enables management to have a shortened distance to the frontline to effectively and efficiently deploy resources, which translates to a rapid response for our customers.

Our dedicated owners, Keith Johansen and Derek Holm, spend a considerable amount of time establishing and maintaining personal connections between our families and the communities we serve. As a result, we have a deep knowledge of our ever-changing industry, partners & suppliers, and most importantly . . . our Customers.

Maintaining consistent and conservative growth has allowed us to exceed the expectations of every customer from the largest general contractors in the US to the local homeowner.

Energy Services

We supply our customers with an Operational Overview & Reporting of estimated repair, replacement and rebuild statistics. This verifies your equipment is offering a continued reduction of operational costs and energy consumption.

The data provided from our reporting will allow our Account Managers to offer recommendations to address existing and potential conditions, determine a Planned Maintenance Program, and or an Extensive Mechanical Engineering Design tailored to the budgetary and operational needs of our customers, as well as facilitiate access to available funding.